Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vampire Oracle release day is nearly here

Two days, count them, two days until the first five Vampire Oracle stories hit the cyber shelves at Cobblestone Press. My contribution to the series, LIFE, releases with the first group. To honor that momentous event, here's another vampire YouTube video with my favorite Dracula, Gerard Butler. Click here, Dracula 2000, to watch. The music is outstanding. It's Adagio by Tomasio Albinoni. The original music was written for organ and trumpet, the vocal version came much, much later.

It's beautiful music for a gorgeous and sexy Dracula.



Debra Moore said...

Oh YUM!!!! Gerard!!! Loving that! The music is just beautiful, too. Have to say I like him with shorter hair, but really, am I picky? Uh, NO! Woohoo!

Sophie Athens said...

I'm so excited--my novella, HUNGER, will also be releasing Friday.

Let me tell you, I've seen the blurbs for the other stories in the series, and I'm eager to get my greedy hands on them!