Friday, June 6, 2008

Fever Is Coming!

It's close to the release date for Fever and I'm terribly excited! Writing this novella was a chanllenge since it was my first vampire story, but once I got into it I found myself truly enjoying their world. I loved writing about Julian, my super hot and emotionally scared vampire. His journey was one of great importance, not only to him, but to his coven of vampires.

Charlie was the other half of Julian that he didn't believe he needed. She is the human that has been bred to hate his kind, yet she is the woman who will finally open his heart. I was rooting for this couple from the moment I outlined them...and I'm still smiling each time of think of them together.

So, Fever's release date is July 4th! Very befitting considering the fireworks that fly when Julian and Charlie first meet!

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