Friday, September 28, 2007

Vampire and Chocolate

Okay, so I was at Virtual Chocolate dot com and I was checking out the ecards and the pictures of chocolate, and saw this:

How to Sample Chocolate:
Look at it: it should be dark, shiny, and smooth.
Smell it: it should have a wonderful aroma.
Break it: it should break clean.
Taste it: it should have a full-mouth taste with no unpleasant aftertaste. The taste will stay on your tongue long after the chocolate is swallowed.
Melt it: it should melt smooth and not grainy
(this was by Elaine Sherman's Book of Divine Indulgences)

And of course the first thing I thought of was: that sounds like VAMPIRES.
Okay, so I like my men dark. I love dark hair, dark eyes, all brooding and mysterious. They need to be smooth talkers and have a well kept appearance :) You can do jeans and a T-shirt with much style ;)
Then we have smell. Well DUH, of course he's going to smell good! They might be undead or might just have a disease that makes them vampiric, but they are still men and heroes and yummy. All that delicious macho male has an addicting smell :)
Break it? Well.... They are alpha males, when you break through their tough macho exterior you find all the good sweetness inside. They just kind of melt in your mouth, don't they ;)
Taste. Well Yum. I am an erotic romance writer after all! What's not to love about tasting your vampiric male ;)
Melt it - I touched on that earlier, hehehe it involves tasting and mouths and wee fun!

So, you see Vampires are like Chocolate! Like Godiva chocolate, not the grocery store generic brand, but delicious addicting fine chocolate. The darker the better in my opinion ;)



Kim Rees / Kim Knox said...

Nice post, Michelle.
Dark chocolate is not for me, LOL Though I'm very happy with a broody, dark alpha or two *grin*

I love my milk chocolate, especially Galaxy. Yum. UK chocolate seems to have its own taste... that most other countries can't stand, LOL


Michelle Hasker said...

We can disagree on the sweetness/bitterness dark/milk,
but you know I'm right ;)

You'll have to send me some UK chocolate heheh

Tina Bendoni said...

Not much for dark chocolate, but GOOD Chocolate does sound much like Good Alpha Vampires :D

Michelle Hasker said...

Dark chocolate isn't as sweet as milk. Live a little. It has more caffeine.

Dawn Montgomery said...

Dark, dove chocolate. My favorite. Grooooowl.

Michelle Hasker said...

MMM yes Dove is delicious