Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DEATH: The Visuals

I wanted to stop by to share some of the visual inspirations that helped me when I wrote the first draft of my novella.

Of course, the first place I drew inspiration from was the gorgeous cover:

When I saw this cover, she became the main character in my story. It's pretty much stayed the same throughout the entire process. I just love that she looks so vicious and feral, yet also beautiful and even vulnerable. That's certainly the way Lana is too.

I also used this Victoria Frances pic as inspiration for Lana:

I think it's lovely, and Victoria Frances captures a lot of the vampire spirit in her work.

Now, for the hero, this picture is the way that I imagined Hayden:

This is a gorgeous photo of Jared Leto. I felt it captured the look I wanted for Hayden, perfectly! The dark hair, stubble, those gorgeous blue eyes... heck, he's a hottie. This pic was perfect as the inspiration for the hero in my novella!

Well, I hope you all enjoy the pics as much as I did. ;) They provided inspiration during the first draft, and are now doing the same while I'm in the revision process.


Tula Neal said...

Yum! Yeah, I'd say Jared Leto is inspirational in all the right ways!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Ooooooooh yeah, Tula! ;)

Sophie Athens said...

NICE pictures...and good call--Jared Leto is a great inspiration!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Thanks Sophie... he SURE is. ;)