Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

I know it’s a tough one, first day after long holiday weekend. It’s a little gloomy here today in Maryland, threats of thunderstorms and such. Me, I’m focusing on having a happy Monday no matter what. J

What else is going on today? Glad you asked. It’s hot…like FEVER hot!

The Vampire Oracle: Fever – Now Available at Cobblestone Press
After her parents were killed by a vampire, Charlie Kennedy decided to take justice into her own hands. A self-proclaimed vampire slayer, she’s heard ofthe impending Vampire Rebellion and is determined to take down as many of the blood-sucking murderers as she can.
Julian DeLancie is serious about his lifestyle and as one of the strongest of his coven is on a hunt for the head of the Rebellion. But when his task is interrupted by the beautiful and seductive huntress, Julian is forced into a battle of love vs. duty.
Julian and Charlie are explosive in and out of bed, their bond deep and binding, but will it withstand the ultimate sacrifice?


SB: Is it dark enough in here for you?

Julian: I am fine. (He sits down, adjusting his large muscular body in the cushioned chair.)

SB: You are a Calmae Vampire, is that correct?

Julian: (He nods.) That is correct.

SB: How long have you been a vampire? How old are you?

Julian: I have been a Calmae for more than a hundred years.

He, this vampire, looks just like you or me. No, not really, he’s drop dead gorgeous with his butter toned skin and dark wavy hair. He’s dressed in all black, which should be a cliché but looks elegant, fierce, domineering. I’m at a loss as to what my next question should be. There’s so much I want to know, yet this feral lust he emanates is thick and hovers in the air making it hard to breathe.

SB: What do you do? (I ask because he’s staring at me expectantly.)

Julian: I am just like you, trying to live my life.

SB: There are some that would want you dead. Namely, Charlene Kennedy. Her vendetta against vampires is no secret. Come to think of it, Charlene hasn’t been seen in weeks. Do you know anything about that?

He stands, towering above me at more than six feet. His light colored eyes have grown darker, his lips lifting from his teeth slightly, so that just the sharp point of an incisor is visible. My heart jumps and I casually look around for a weapon should he attack me, knowing instinctively that nothing could defeat this man, this vampire.

Julian: She is none of your concern.

SB: But…

Julian: But nothing. I hunt the Rebels who attack innocent humans. That is my duty.

SB: Okay. Well, how about your personal life? (I know I’m treading on thin ice with him but I can’t help but wonder what type of woman could tame this man.)

He looks contemplative then frowns again.

Julian: My life is my own.

He doesn’t leave immediately but stands staring at me. I feel like he can see right through me, like his gaze is touching me, feather-like across my skin. In this instant I am not afraid, but aroused. Man oh man, the woman that gets him is one lucky lady!

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